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Cap Mount Ear Muffs HM-6093 with 27 NRR

#HM-6093 - Item is available.

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Elvex® QuickSnap™ Cap Mount Ear Muffs offers adaptability, functionality and high noise reduction properties. Our HM-6093 is our universal option featuring a large volume ear muff with 27 NRR and fits most major brand safety caps ranging from 29 mm to 33 mm wide hard hat slot opening. You can combine our Cap Mount Ear Muffs with a variety of head protection.

• Large volume Cap Mount Ear Muffs has 27 NRR

• Hard hat slot opening 29 mm to 33 mm

• Lightweight construction weighing in 8.5 ounces

• Testing was performed at an independent and certified laboratory, NVLAP # 0427.

• Construction is Dielectric, certified by independent testing.

• There are 2 Rest positions: Flip Out muffs for short term break or Flip Up on top of safety cap

• Arm assembly with universal blade mounts to most slotted safety caps

• Blade is an integrated part of the muff arm assembly and there are no separate parts to purchase. Slot filler included.