Cap Mount Ear Muffs HM-8029 with 28 NRR

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Elvex® QuickSnap™ Cap Mount Ear Muffs HM-8029 features the SuperSonic™ cap mount ear muff with 28 NRR, fits Elvex Tectra, Jackson, MSA V-Guard, American All Safe and Sellstrom safety caps. Our Cap Mount Ear Muffs can be combined with a variety of headand face protection.

• SuperSonic™ Cap Mount Ear Muff with 28 NRR

• Hard hat slot opening 29 mm

• Lightweight construction weighing in 9.4 ounces

• Testing was performed at an independent and certified laboratory, NVLAP # 0427.

• Construction is Dielectric, certified by independent testing.

• There are 2 Rest positions: Flip Out muffs for short term break or Flip Up on top of safety cap

• Blade is an integrated part of the muff arm assembly and there are no separate parts to purchase