QuieTunes AM/FM Electronic Ear Muff with 22 NRR

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USD$ 83.50



The Elvex® QuieTunes™ AM/FM COM-660 electronic ear muff has been designed with the electronics separated from the hearing cavities. This in turn keeps moisture and sweat away from the electronics which extends the life span of the product.

• FM/AM Radio with Station Lock allowing you to listen to music, your favorite sports team or talk radio show.

• An audio jack (3.5 mm jack) for connection of MP3 Players/Radios is standard and provides listen-only capability.

• Burgundy headset has 82 dB limiter

• Soft cushioned headband and replaceable ear cushions

• 4-hour automatic shutoff to conserve batteries.

• Uses 2 AA alkaline batteries providing up to 150 hours of usage

• Tested to ANSI S3.19.1974

• 22 dB NRR

• 27 dB SNR to CE, EN-352